Solid front pressure gauges S3

Solid front safety pressure gauges

SF 316 with stainless steel casing

  • stainless steel or Ni-Span C or Monel Bourdon tube pressure element;
  • NS 100 - 150;
  • ranges included between -1 and 4000 bar.

SF 317 with phenolic casing

  • stainless steel or Monel Bourdon tube pressure element;
  • NS 125 (4 1/2”);
  • ranges included between 1 and 1000 bar.

Solid front pressure gauges are manufactured as per EN 837-1 and ASME B40.1. During the design of this type of pressure gauges, “safety” factor is taken into great consideration. Safety is guaranteed by a protection baffle wall positioned between the pressure element assembly and the dial, and by a blow-out device made of a back plate which allows an eventual pressure vent from the casing.